Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Teenie Dogs

 Napping before playtime
 I like playing with Reuben.  He lets me play with his toy.  I would steal it and then he would take it back and so forth.  We are becoming good buddies.  Sometimes, when he barks at the big dogs on the other side of the fence, I would join the pack but I don't bark. I just like to run around with them. 


 Prince, Tahoe, and Charlie belong to one human.  I played with Prince the yorkie  before but today he was pretty feisty.  He and Charlie ganged up on me.   He nipped me.  Ouch!  A little later, Tahoe, a lab, joined in and I was overwhelmed.  At one point it was Tahoe who got me by the neck and I yelped.  That's when Mom clapped her hands and yelled and scooped me up.  Mom checked to see if there's any wound.  Nothing.  Tahoe's human apologized.  When Mom put my leash on Prince followed us at the gate.  Mom quickly picked him up by his harness and handed him to Dad over the fence.  His human was still distracting Tahoe. 

 This one is Zoey, a teacup yorkie.  I chased her around but she was too tiny that she keeps climbing up to  where her human was sitting. 

Another new toy from Dad when he got home.  What did I do to deserve this?

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Chris said...

Sinjin, you're so lucky to have such a good mom and dad to take you places and let you play! Give them lots of sugars!

Saw you playing with the Bichon again....y'all are all so cute!