Monday, June 21, 2010


Oh my, I like barbecues.  At first, Mom tied me to a tree because there were a couple of kids but after awhile, I was free to roam around.  A few people at the party gave me a piece of their steak here and there.  I even got my first real cooked bone.  Mom was watching me a like a hawk.  She probably thought I was gonna choke.  Mom also gave me some roasted potatoes.  I think if you added all the pieces I got I ate a whole 8 oz. steak.  :-)  Whoo hooo!  I was really stuffed.  I wanted to bury the extra bone that Dad gave me.  Alas, Mom threw it in the garbage.  Buzzkill.

Here I am chomping on a large piece of steak that my dad gave me. 

I can't swim and I don't like to get wet.  I like watching the people enjoyed themselves though.

                  I did not barked at the kid, I was barking at his car toy that made funny noises. 

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Chris said...

Love your adventurs, you know how very lucky to have such great parents that take you to so many great places??