Monday, June 28, 2010


Dad took me to his office Sunday morning because he had to pick up something.  We were there for about 15 minutes. This morning, Dad tells Mom that the HR guy asked him if he brought his dog this past weekend.  The HR guy says "Your dog left a calling card near P's desk and it wasn't number one."  LOL  My dad apologized of course.  My bad. I admit it.  I couldn't hold it any longer.  Must have been all the table scraps I have been eating.  My only mistake is that I didn't tell Dad about it when it happened.  Really people, look at this face, there's no malice in it.  
Mom and I went to the beach the other day and had so much fun.  It was low tide and I got to smell all kinds of stuff.  I even got a fish bait.  As soon as Mom saw it, she ran after me.  That was fun.  I like being chased.  

I'm 8-month old today and I expect goodies later.  :)


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tikarex said...

Sinjin...I hope you get lots of treats on your 8th month birthday!! What a boy!! Hugs & belly rubs!!
P.S. Better try not to mess again in your dad's office....