Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Hello Family

Here are more cute pics of moi!  1.  I was following a sharpei.  2.  At Pacific Heights.  3.  At Berkeley.  4 & 5.  I had to stay in the backyard because the cable man came by.  6 & 7. Waiting for Mom in the car while she ran a quick errand. 8. Extreme closeup.  Mom likes taking these kind of shots.  9.  I'm stretching after a long nap...yawn.

Yesterday, my Dad took me to this trail far away from home.  It rained so it was muddy and I had so much fun---sniffing, rolling around and  getting wet.  Mom said, "you smell like a dog".  D'oh, what did you expect?  So I got a wiped down when I got home.  Mom threatened to give me a bath but she got busy with cooking so she forgot.  Anyhow, she read on the internet that it's better not bathe a shiba too often.


tikarex said... you had a ball playing in the rain & mud...all your pictures are the close up!!

Chris said...

Sinjin, I can't remember how I found you, but have to say I love you! LOL.....wonderful writing, and fabulous photos. I'm a confirmed Shibaholic (my first exposure was to the Fab 5) you are WAY fun. Have a wonderful day!

Sinjin, the shiba wanderer :) said...

Hi tikarex and Chris!
I had fun in the rain and mud thank you very much. It's a dog's life and I love it! Thank you for the kind words. I did this blog mostly for family and friends who are not "shibaholics" but want to see my cuteness. :)
Paws Truly,