Saturday, April 17, 2010

Humpy Hump

A few days ago, I was having some sexy time with my pillow when I got my first boner and did not know what to do. My mom got all worried because she saw how quiet I got and stood there for a few minutes. She told my dad to google what to do. Of course, he was too busy watching UFC fight online but he finally came over to check me out. Dad was amused. Mom did the googling. She tells dad that after 20 minutes, if his penis is still outside the skin, go to emergency because it might get infected. Luckily, I recovered after 8 minutes. Whew! Since this is a family blog, you will only see my face while I was pondering what to do. ;-)
Yesterday we went back to SF. I think we keep going back because my mom misses the city and would prefer to live there again. She keeps calling our area the "boonies". The city smells are certainly different. I haven't gotten tired of exploring it. But mind you, I like where we live. It's near the water and lots of grass for me to roll around in.

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