Monday, April 26, 2010

Can you say Woof Woof?


This is Mason and Rocco and they are barkers. I was underneath the bench where both our mommies were sitting. I dug myself a borough to cool off and I refuse to leave. I guess Mason did not like that I was near his mom.

We went to a dog park early Sunday and then we visited with Sparky and Bebe. Lo and behold, I met a tiny Maltese named Sasha. She's here for 2 weeks before she goes back to Brazil with her mommy. All I want to do was play with her but she keeps barking at me. What did I do? I'm such a charming playful fella and she's scared of me. It was such a hot day and we went for a walk uphill again. Mom was smart enough not to go. All the dads went out for a hike while the moms stayed home to cool off and kept Sasha company. Sparky, Bebe, me and all our dads were all panting as we got back home. Water and ice cubes for everyone. I got hungry and I ate some of Sasha's food. My mom asked permission of course.
Saturday, we went to the Cherry Blossom Festival. I got to meet with other shibas walking around. My mom thinks Rocky is so handsome. What am I, chopped liver? Someday, I hope to grow up just like Rocky. :)

Dog Park action---I played with Hayley and there was this little dog trying to hump her while we were playing. Bizarre. It's a good thing I'm not on that stage yet, only with my pillow. LOL Mom asked if Hayley was in heat and her human said that she was spayed. Dogs will be dogs.


Anonymous said...

Wow Sinjin, you sure are a social butterfly. Looks like your weekend calendar is all booked up. Nice to see you meeting other shibas. Remind me about Sparky again, he's a rescue dog, right? Love your videos.

Sinjin, the shiba wanderer :) said...

According to Dad's friend, Sparky fell into a tar bucket while workers were paving a sidewalk. He was adopted after a short stint at SPCA when he was 5-month old.