Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Cry Me A River

Because I was by myself last night for 6 hours. They came home, walked me for 20 minutes, left food and water, turn on the tv, left the lights on and a big turkey neck while they sneaked out. Mom dragged Dad to see Michael Buble. Dad did not want to go. However, he ended up liking the concert because he was such a good entertainer. Too bad they forgot their camera. Mom was talking on the phone today about how at one point during the concert, she was inches away from Michael and she touched his right hand as he walked by. Big Barking deal! I was left alone and didn't get to spend time with them. I peed on the living room instead of the kitchen. Serves them right for leaving me. But I forgot all about it when they came home. I was just happy to see them because they were so happy to see me and they did not scold me for peeing. I got my playtime in and a very short walk outside the house after midnight. All is well.

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