Wednesday, April 28, 2010

6 Month Old Today

Whoopee! I had fun yesterday at the dog park. At first, I was ganged up by the "barkers" pack: Mason, Miko, and Rocco. I met them last Sunday. I did not like it at all. So Mom and Dad moved me to the big dog park. I had more fun there. I played with Maddie the poodle then with Stacks, a 4 month old pit. Then, I really had a good time with Barney the terrier. Towards the end of our play, Mom threw a ball and I was about to chase it when I collided with Barney. I hate to admit it but I cried. Mom rushed to me and tried to comfort me by rubbing my head and she kept saying, "oh poor baby, it's ok Sinjin". Then I heard this lady said, "I think he was just shock and now he is milking it." Hey Layyydee, it was real pain. I wouldn't be crying and whimpering if I wasn't hurt. Geesh. While Mom was cuddling and petting me, Dad finally comes over and says "Man up Sinjin, you are a big boy now." Hmmmm, will I ever get sympathy???? What would it take? Some blood perhaps? Good thing I had an ally in Mom. After my concussion as I call it, :) we went for a short walk around the park before we left to have dinner. I got some treats at home and I forgot all about the collision. And tonight, I get to see my buddies in Puppy Class II. Can't wait.

With Stacks
With the "barkers"

With Maddie

With Barney


Chris said...

Hi, Sinjin - HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Love your blog, your videos, and your photos - you are a very clever little darling and your writing is totally wonderful. Looks like you had a good time with Barney until that German Shepherd showed up.

Keep up the great work!

Sinjin, the shiba wanderer :) said...

Ain't it grand to have monthly birthdays? Too bad it will stop when I turn a year old. I'm not gonna worry about it since I still have 6 more birthdays left this year. =)