Thursday, February 18, 2010

Ay Caramba!

What fun I had on Valentines Day at the park. I played and played and chased my new playmate Maxie, a 9-month old longhair chihuahua. My parents and her human chatted away while I ran around with Maxie. I would pounce on her but she got me a few times with her sharp teeth. I gave her my ninja back move and my parents laughed so hard when I missed my target. Her human threw a green tennis ball and I would steal it as soon as Maxie drops the ball. The following day there was a Malamute named Max at the Big dog's area and my mom let me go there since the owner assured my mom that this big dog was calm and tender. I tried to pounce on him but he won't have it. He won't play. I went back to the small dog area cos' there was a terrier. His name is Pepe and he was barking so much. We got into each other's face. He is a little bigger than me and he bit me a few times. I couldn't even give him my ninja back move. He kept pouncing on me so I had to hide behind my mom. :-) His human scolded him a few times cos' he was playing too rough. ;-P This is the first time I used my fangs on anyone. lol

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Chris said...

You are a very clever puppy!