Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Dear Diary

Feb 2, 2010
I decided to write my thoughts down when I have them. I will probably post mostly pictures of myself because I'm that vain and writing is such a chore. I was adopted almost 2 wks ago. My mom and dad are super cool. It only took a few days to get them under my paws. I was barricaded for 3 days and now the gate is out. ;-) My mom is a little tougher to crack than my dad but I just give her this look where I tilt my head and she melts and make goo goo sound. They left me a few times and I cried and screamed so loud. Too bad my parents didn't hear me, just the neighbors. I do not like to be left alone and I hate my crate. Hey, I made a rhyme.

I went to the vet and they stuck this thing on my butt. I dare not move. It was very uncomfortable but the vet says, "Good Boy". I was crated again while my mom drove haphazardly. There were too many bumps. I kept yelping but she didn't budge nor even looked behind her seat to check on me. Geeesh. As a reward, she took me for a walk by the bay and gave me a few treats. During my walk, I met a 10-year old terrier and we just sniffed each other until he started to growl. His human corrected him. My poor brain was too excited to comprehend all the new things I've seen---the mud, the water, the seagulls, passerby, barking dogs, etc. A lady driving a van with kids suddenly stopped and parked the van. She was coming towards me and was so excited. She asked my mom if she could pet me and she did. She was ranting about how she always wanted a Shiba. She warned my mom about someone dognapping me because I'm the "it" dog of the moment due to the popularity of the SFShiba puppycam. Anyway, I couldn't walk since my mom is stuck there talking to this lady. Thank goodness the kids did not come out of the van. I turned around and I saw this miniature pincher mixed and I attacked her. She smelled funny, not like the terrier. Her owner said that she's in heat. Have no idea what that means but my mom yanked me so fast away from her.

Before I forget, this past Saturday I went to this lady's house with 3 other big dogs while my mom and dad went to a Dog Show. My mommy was obsessed about seeing Ayumi, a show dog. Apparently, this Ayumi is one of the reasons my mom adopted me. Hmmm, I guess I should thank this Ayumi. Anyway, I did not want to be at the sitter's house. I ran after my parents and escaped briefly but my dad caught me. I wasn't really scared of the dogs except for the 9-month old pointer. He was too rambunctious and was stepping on me accidentally due to his excitement at seeing a small but regal puppy. Plus, he looks clumsy. :) I was separated for awhile in another room but the nice sitter was there to guard the hyper pointer so I got to rough house with them. The 2 other dogs were much older so they were kinda sedate. I ran around her big backyard and it was so much fun. My parents picked me up and my mom was talking about giving me a bath cos' my paws were muddy. I was sooooooooo tired. I just want to sleep. I didn't even mind the crate. My mom just used baby wipes to clean me up. I ate a little and just went to sleep. Because my parents have been so good to me, I have been peeing on my pee pad but I always do Number 2 outside. This action alone makes my mommy so happy that she gives me treats. :) Of course I've had a few accidents but that's normal. I don't have fully control of my bowel movements yet. What did you expect? I'm just a puppy.

On Sunday, my parents took me to a dog park. I never knew such heaven existed. I was roaming free, no annoying leash. My dad kept throwing a ball which I thought was bizarre. He wanted for me to fetch and return it to him but I was too busy checking out an 8-month old lab called Zoey and 2 shitzus with a little boy. The little boy was more interesting to me since he was putting water on a bucket. My mom kept filming me in action. I ran and ran and ran. I was having a good time. I could outrun anybody and I run fast. I played mostly with Zoey. I really had a great time but I wanted to leave and explore the other side of the park. Unfortunately, I had to be on leash again. After our long walk, time for the crate which I despised. Mommy carried the crate from car into the house. I felt woozy. Then I hear her lamenting how she lost her camera. Too bad mom, you never got to see all the action I just did at the dog park. When she finally sat down, I just gave her my special puppy kisses to make her feel better. By golly it worked! Yup, I can be a charmer.

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