Friday, February 26, 2010

My First Puppy Class

My mom took me to puppy class. Dad stayed in the car. He didn't want to participate. It was great meeting my classmates. I got so excited that I peed 3 times during playtime. Mom had to clean it up. :-) There were 7 of us and mostly pure breeds. The first one I greeted was Deacon, a Basset Hound. He is 2 wks older than me. He is very submissive. He started to lay down as soon as I approached him. Other pups came in and we didn't have to have our leash on. We played for a few minutes so we could get to know each other. They keep bribing me with treats that the trainer has but I didn't care for it. Then, another mommy grab me when the teacher said, "Grab a dog, not your own, sit down, and hug him. Put him between your knees facing forward." I saw my mom holding on to a Bernese pup named Suki who looks nervous. She was trying to get away from my mom. I was squiggling too but I wasn't whining. I finally settle down being petted by a stranger. There was a german weimaraner who kept barking, it was really annoying. The humans kept talking about biting inhibition is very important. Then it was playtime again. Strangers trying to entice me with treats so I would sit, lay down, and stand. I saw mom trying it with Deacon. He is an easy target. I wasn't paying attention, all I wanna do is play. Trainer said to my mom, "He is overexcited. Next time, bring your own treats that he really likes. And everyone, do not feed your dog before you come to class." Overall, I enjoyed the class. My mom thought all the pups are so cute. I'm dog enough to say that one of them is cuter than me. ;-)

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