Tuesday, February 23, 2010


Dear Diary,

Ok, so last night, I bolted out of the door before my dad can put a leash on me. I ran and I ran. My dad was yelling at me to stop. I went to Shasta's (a black lab) backyard to stop and stare but ran away again. I went all over the usual places I like to sniff at. I can hear daddy yelling. Then, I came back home. Dad was mad. He opened the door and I went in. Mom said, "wow, that was a quick walk". That's when dad explained to my mom how I bolted and that I don't listen to him. Mom told him to calm down. She said, "next time, put the leash on before opening the door." From then on, dad just ignored me and mom took off my collar to put back my name tag. After awhile, dad petted me and played with me before he went to bed. I'm too cute for my dad to get mad at me for that long. ;-)

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