Saturday, February 6, 2010

Cleaning House

Lots of activity going on today. Mom petted me once, fed me, and she preceded to do some chores. I hate being ignored. My dad was complaining to my mom that I'm not a real dog because I just stood there when 2 dogs passed me by. I didn't bark nor growl at them. I saw a cat and didn't chase it. I just like to walk, sniff, do my business and move on. I prefer to run free but they won't let me. I got away from dad once today and ran away for a few seconds. That was fun. It started to rain again and headed back home. It was a short walk. I get inside the house and I smell something different---lavender. I notice the carpet is clean and all the newspaper pieces are gone. My bed has been moved and my toys are all in a box. Hmmm, dad takes me for a walk so mommy can vacuum. Then she starts rubbing lemon to all the chewable furniture i.e. chairs, drawers, coffee table. She's trying to tell me something.

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