Thursday, September 8, 2011

At Vet's

After a bordatella shot, a fecal exam and a nail trimmed, I zoomed out of the vet's office.  I even passed by Mom at the reception area.  Everyone started laughing as I ran towards the entrance door.  I guess it was amusing for the humans to see me run like hell.  I couldn't wait to get out.  I hate this place!  Going to the vet is worst than getting a bath.  Sienna was less anxious than me but she started screaming when they started probing her.  She hates it too.  She got the same treatment and an additional heartworm test.  The doctor said we both have nice teeth and that our coats are so smooth.  However, she noticed that I have a couple of scrapes here and there while Sienna is perfect.  I wanted to tell her that my cuts and bruises are a badge of honor, it gives me street creds.   :)

I'm anxious


We got some dog park action to alleviate our pain from visiting the vet.

Sunning after a quick nap


Sasha said...

Sinjin, you are a riot..thanks for the laughs!!

TsinTsin said...

Sinjin, we all feel that way when we're in the waiting room, listening for the doctor's footsteps. You're not alone, believe me! Many the times I've wanted to bolt, too.

I agree, your coat and Sienna's coat are very pretty!

HollieLou said...

Good Pups! Hope you receive many many treats afterwards!