Sunday, September 18, 2011

Happily Ever After

Mom's shiba radar was in full force today as she said excitedly "yay, another shiba!"  Yet the owner was going to the big area cos she said her shiba was 35 lbs.  But after Mom's coaxing, she changed her mind. Besides the lady seemed eager to tell Mom her story.  Kato was abandoned in February.  He was left alone near this dog park in the pouring rain.  They took him in for fear that he might get run over by a car.  They put up posters and reported it to the SPCA.  He had no tag.  He is about 4 years old. They named him Kato and he responded well to his new name.  His microchip was traced back to a puppy mill in the east coast.  They adopted him after a few weeks when no one claimed him.  They had already fallen in love with him.  :)  

Handsome Lad
It was a hot day.  I greeted him but did not play with him.  I just wanted to sit by the shade. Besides, he wasn't interested either.  He told his mom he wanted to go walking instead.


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Sasha said...

Kato is one handsome glad he found a forever home!! Hope you will get to meet up with him again Sinjin.