Thursday, September 22, 2011

What a Gentleman

That's what Sparky's mom told my Mom.  I was such a gentleman during my stay with them for a couple of days.  I got along with their dogs and I didn't pick a fight with Sienna.  We slept in our own room and we were not crated, unlike the first time we got boarded back in July.  Thank goodness! Sienna was a nice little doggie too but on the 2nd night, she started 'crying' for Mom and Dad.  She kept scratching the backyard door (since they didn't have a doggie doorbell)  throughout the night and barely ate her breakfast and dinner.  She only liked her treats.  She kept Sparky's dad awake with her door scratching and whining.  Then during the day, she kept staring out the window.  Maybe because she's still a pup or just spoiled rotten.  She gets what she wants at home.  She rings the doorbell for the front or back yard and either Mom or Dad lets her out right away.  I missed Mom and Dad but I kept my cool and tried to enjoy my stay away from home.  What can I do but go with the flow?   But boy, was I glad to see them when they picked us up!  We gave them tons of kisses.  It was chaos, a happy chaos with all the dogs greeting them.   Sienna couldn't wait to get out and go home.  We slept like a baby that night, no nocturnal comings and goings.  There's no place like home.

Clawing my way to Mommy to give her a kiss but was doggie blocked!
Happy Girl!


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Sasha said...

Love those happy ears!!!