Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Fright Night

Last Friday, it was still light outside by 7:45pm.  After playing at a nearby public park, Dad and I continued walking.  All of the sudden, we turn to a corner and a black lab dog jumped out of the backseat of a parked car and attacked me.  Everything happened so fast.  He bit me on my side and Dad  yanked the black dog away from me.  As I was yelping and crying from the shock and pain, Dad was trying to assure me that it was ok.  He checked me briefly for cuts and bruises.  Then another dog came around the corner, a white lab,   and was heading towards us.  Dad blocked his path and shooed the dog away.  We left before the 2 dogs came back.  Dad saw an elderly man called his dogs.   I got home and Sienna was sniffing my side.  Luckily, Mom did not allow Sienna to tag along because she is on quarantine for having giardia, an intestinal parasite,   She's acting normal though and not showing any symptoms.  Anyhow, back to me--- Mom wanted to check me out after Dad told her what occurred but I wouldn't let her.  I did not want to be touched.  She asked Dad all kinds of questions:  Did you tell the owner that his dog attacked our dog?  Did you get his license?  Why was the backdoor of his car wide open while he was still at the front?  Dad said it happened too fast and he just wanted to get me out of there after he checked me over.  He did not want to fight off 2 big dogs.  I went to the bedroom and lied down on the floor.  Mom knew something was wrong because I was not acting myself.  She followed me to the room and closed the door.  I tried to go under the bed but I was too big.  She got the flashlight and tried to see any punctured wound.  She finally saw a small one on my right side and on my left back leg. Dad held me down while she cleaned the wound and put the antibiotic ointment.  Of course, I proceeded to lick it off.  Dad nixed the idea of putting on the cone because he doesn't want to make me sad.  Mom agreed.  They felt I was traumatized by the event.  The next day, Dad drove Mom to the scene of the crime.  I think she wanted Dad to reenact the attack.  :)  Anyhow, the same car was still there and she got the license plate.  Then we went to a dog park to see if I can handle it.  Plus, Sienna is going batty as she hasn't been out in 4 days.  I did not care for the big dog area.  I saw Sienna having fun with the little dogs.  After 5 minutes, Dad lifted me up and put me over the fence.  I like the small dog area.  Both Sienna and I met lots of new cute dogs.  I was the biggest one there.  Unless someone complains, I am not suppose to be there.  Most dog parks do not allow dogs over 25 lbs. or 30 lbs. in the small area.  I have to lose a few pounds to be legit.  Mom is now browsing online for a pepper spray to protect us from dog and human thugs.  (^_^)


Licking my wound

Lots of sniffing going around.  It's been awhile since we visited this park.  Did not see any familiar dogs.


Met a teacup

Duchess wanted to play but too bad we were leaving.


shibasenji said...

Poor Sinjin... he's had a couple scares recently, huh? Oh, the drama of daily life!

And that sucks about Sienna's giardia. Any ideas on how she might have gotten it?? Hope they both heal up quickly, and that the folks with the loose dogs are held responsible. =(

Sinjin said...

The upside is, neither incident was a serious injury. We should have thought about the spray ages ago. The vet said that it's likely that Sienna got giardia from muddy water. Another fecal exam for her after she's done with the meds.

Prince Zuko's mom said...

I am sorry to hear that Sinjin. There are just too many bad humans out there. Stay safe!