Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Where's mom

Sienna and I had so much fun last night at the park.  I got to play with old pal Maddie and Buddy.  Maddie was so muddy that her human wanted to go home early.  My attention was diverted to a 4-year old boy who entered the park with his pack.  I tried to greet him but he decided to play the 'run and chase' game.  He ran and I chased him.  His mom told him to stand still.  I jumped on him and we were about the same height as I tried to kiss him.  He ran away again. Dad was picking up my doodoo about 10 yards away and Mom was on the other side of the fence with Sienna.  Mom saw this and yelled, "Sinjin off sit!" really LOUD. Then she told the boy to turn his back on me and fold his arms.  I  stopped jumping on him when Mom yelled my name but I did not 'sit'.  I am still a shiba after all.   His mom finally came over and said to her son, "next time, don't run because he thinks you are playing a game."   As she looked her son over, the boy started to cry.   She asked Mom  my name and she told her kid to stay away from Sinjin.  Hahaha... Mom hand signal "to the left, to the left" a la Beyonce which was Dad's cue to move me over the fence with Sienna.  At the small area, I got to play with Luna and Chase while Sienna played with Taylor and new friend City who was her favorite cos' he was smaller than her.

Taylor and teacup Bella




Taking a break
A few days ago playing with ( Sam? )





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