Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Feeling Hot Hot Hot

Extreme hot days are not fun.  We were panting. Mom felt sorry for us that she gave us a bath.  Not cool.  Sienna was first and she had this stunned look about her.  She was toweled down.  She was still a little wet and instead of grooming herself, she just went to her bed.  I started grooming her.  Then I hear footsteps behind me and I ran towards the living room.  Mom and I did a couple of turns around the coffee table when she finally caught me.  She carries me to the tub while insulting me at the same time by saying, 'Sinjin, you are getting so heavy'.  She gives me a quick bath.  I kept trying to leave the tub because I hate baths.  She tried to dry me but I zoomed zoomed away.  I went in circle to clean my tail.  Sienna was still in her bed.  Mom went to her and started brushing her coat.  Weird how Sienna got quiet after her bath.  I'm sure she doesn't like it either.  I'll ask her later.





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