Tuesday, June 14, 2011

A Real Dog

Why did Sienna have to show off by going into the water?  My parents were so elated. Now her stock has gone up in Dad's eyes.  He says 'she's turning out to be a real dog'.  What am I, chop liver?  Oh yeah, that's right, I'm a Shiba.  Anyhoo, Sienna did really well off leash and she knew her recall word.  It took 25 minutes for Mom and Dad to leash me back.  I was not ready to go home and wanted to wander around.  :)  Mom gave up and sat down by the picnic table with Sienna as she lost sight of me.  Passersby kept admiring Sienna as Mom practice basic commands with her.  After awhile Mom saw me about 20 yards away and Dad was seating on the grass letting me play with a boxer.  She raised
her hand and called me.  I ran so fast and jumped onto the table.  That's when she held me till Dad came over with the leash.  She gave me a treat for coming over.  Dad was pissed at me.  He threatened to send me back to remedial class. Oh, what fun to sheeb with my parents!  

What u got in there?  Whatever it is, it's mine!


This doggie wanted to play with Sienna



The shibas of Serengeti


So tired after the park


Sasha1 said...

Way to go Sienna...wasn't it fun going in the water!! Guess it's your turn next Sinjin!! Loved all the pictures Rangda..you went home with two tired, but happy pups...

Anonymous said...

Haha... the burnt out summer grass of that park makes me imagine that my dogs are on the African grasslands, too.