Tuesday, May 31, 2011

About Time

Last night we had carne asada with brown rice and broccoli for dinner.  We've never had this before and thought it was unusual.  But heck, we ain't complaining.  It was delicious.  But then, Dad gave me a taste of his food and it was tastier than our food.  Ours was bland. :(  So when we finished our dinner, both Sienna and I sat down and gave Dad our cutest begging look without whining.  It worked.  We get cooked food for dinner twice a week.  Later that night, Dad saw the tail end part of Sienna chewing on his brand new shoes.  He said all kinds of naughty words and what a bad girl Sienna was.  He complained to Mom but all she said was, "wow, it took her this long to get to your shoes."  He got more upset cos' Mom wasn't so sympathetic.  

Enjoying my treat while Sienna looks on




Sienna enjoying a brief park time last Sunday



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tikarex said...

What a tease you are Sinjin...chewing the treat in front of Sienna's face...lol...