Saturday, May 28, 2011

Time Flies

Today, we celebrated Sienna's 6-month birthday by going to 2 dog parks.  I was quite happy about it but Sienna was tired by the time we got to the 2nd park.  At least she wasn't overwhelmed.  She's still a tad shy depending on the dogs.  Otherwise, she will play with a playmate she finds non-threatening--- someone smaller than her.   She received 2 new toys and a bag of liver treats which are all mine. :) 

Her Royal Highness waking up.
By the way, we both have the HRH title and I'm also a Sergeant.  =P

Early morning play with her new toy


We were the only 2 dogs at the small area for 30 minutes before a chihuahua showed up.

I'm saying 'hi' to 2 akita acquaintances.  I told them I have to stay in the small area to keep sister
 company, my birthday present to her.

Sienna finally played tag with a smaller dog named Akita.

At the 2nd dog park, Sienna got to play with Coco who is my former classmate.  She used to be a snappish yapper but she has improved a lot since taking all the classes after Puppy II.

I played with Russell at the big area


Mmmmmmmmmmm, burger
Sienna's first McD for special occasion


ABronte said...

Happy Birthday Sienna! You are such a big girl now. Hope you enjoyed your burger. Bet you had a great time chasing Akita. ;)

ra husky said...

Happy 6-month Sienna!!


tikarex said...

Happy 6 months old Sienna!! I hope you had a great birthday..see you got a new toy and a tasty treat!! Sending you lots of kisses and belly rubs!!