Saturday, May 7, 2011


Sienna initiated a play with Truffles in class today.  She had the best time with him on the last day of class.  Yup, Sienna finished the puppy class with flying colors.  She was a little tired when she got home but after some rest time, we went to our local dog park and Sienna was running around like mad.  She played with Willow, a beagle.  Dad moved me to the small dog area once I had my exercise at the bigger area.  I recognized the feisty shiba I know.  I picked on her for a little bit but got around to playing with the beagle.  Then a french bulldog Luna joined in the fun and another beagle was chasing her.  As the four of us were playing, Sienna did not want to get caught in the middle of it and took refuge by the picnic table.


Playtime with Truffles

With Willow



Playing with Callie a few days ago.  

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tikarex said...

Yay Sienna...finishing your first puppy class with flying colors!! Both you and Sinjin have some really cute playmates!