Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Bad Girl

She looks like an angel now but she can be a little devil especially when she takes my treat and hides under the bed or the sofa corner.  Hmmph!   Also lately, Sienna has been waking up Mom in the middle of the night so she can just go outside not to potty but to graze and feel the night air.  She still doesn't know how to ring the bell. She goes to Mom's side of the bed and barks at her to wake her up.  If Sienna is in bed with them, she just goes to the foot of the bed, does the shiba stand and starts whining.  Maybe it's time to get a doggie door. 





Watching Sienna eat my treat and I let her for a few minutes.

WARNING: Vicious Shibas
Enough is enough, I finally had to get MY treat away from Sienna
Sienna got to enjoy the treat while I went to the dog park.  It's a win win situation.


Ana said...

Thanks for the warning about vicious shibas! Simply adorable. ;)

ra husky said...

Woo, #1 says he doesn't know how he got along without the doggie door,