Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Walking on Sunshine

Mom took Sienna for a walk sans moi.  I was giving Mom a hard time by running away from her about putting on my harness and leash.  She called my bluff and only took Sienna.  Why I oughta..@##*!  They went to our old stomping ground.  Just a reminder shibas, the annual potluck shiba party is in less than a month.  We are bringing a side dish.   (^_^)  http://www.sfnc.org/events/ShibaParty2011.pdf

With all the events going on we’re sure to work up a good appetite. Be generous in your contributions,  as there will be a many people in attendance. Types of dishes to bring:
• Last Name starting with A through M - Bring a side dish
• Last Name starting with N through Z – Bring a main dish

Passed by this dog's backyard





Sienna got a treat from our local pet store after her walk.

When she got back, it was time for destuffing and a rumble with me.


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