Tuesday, March 15, 2011


I don't like it.  Sienna is starting to disobey me.  She had the nerve to steal my bully stick and won't give it back.  I bark and bark and bark and she growled at me.  Not only that, she eats my food when she is done with her dinner.  When she comes out of her pen, she heads to my food bowl.  Mom usually takes my  bowl away for later. I like to eat leisurely.  Can't believe Sienna has become a thief like me. ;)






Quiet time

Wake up bro, so we can play












Mom walking Sienna around while I was at the dog park with Dad.





Sienna met a Newfie

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ABronte said...

Looks like spunky Sienna did not give up the bully stick. Sinjin sounded so cute when he was "whining". ;)