Thursday, March 10, 2011


Our neighbor called out Mom's name tonight and I barked.  "Your little one is out," said our neighbor through the gate.  Sienna and I were at the front yard and she was small enough to slipped through the gap by the front gate.  She went to  the driveway. Mom asked our neighbor to grab Sienna but she couldn't cos' she was holding her new pup.  When Mom saw Sienna she opened the side gate while holding me and called for her. Sienna happily came to Mom.  She doesn't know any better.  She was outside the front yard for less than 30 seconds.  LOL  I would have bolted of course if I could squeeze through the gap.  Mom was grateful and felt lucky that our neighbor was there at the right time.  In the meantime Sienna was restricted indoors for the rest of the night.  With all the commotion, Mom forgot to ask our neighbor about her new pup.  

Earlier, Mom thought it would be safe to feed us at the same time in the same room since we have been getting along rather well.  That's right, I am still a selfish inu.  I did not let Sienna eat.  I was in her face telling her to stay away from both bowls.  She ran under the dining table to hide.  She came out again while Mom called me to another room.  Sienna got a few bites.  Then I cornered her by the fridge and nipped her.  She screamed really loud for Mom's benefit.  That's when Mom took her back to her pen to have her breakfast. 




Well - behaved Shibas




Checking out the neighbor's yard


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tikarex said...

Sienna...we are all grateful for your neighbour, please be good and don't go exploring!! Loved seeing Sienna jumping around in the video playing with cute!!