Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Mopes

Under my umbrella, ella ella ella... is where I will pee in the back.   Mom put up the patio umbrella for me to do my business because of the nonstop rain.  But she didn't put it on the right spot where I want to do Number 2.  :-(  Sienna doesn't care.  She won't go while it is raining.  She will come out to graze but goes back indoors to use her pee pad.  I don't blame her.  Who wants to get wet while doing the pee and the poo?  Not this shiba!  No more rain please.  Am missing the dog park and my buddies.







Rain, rain go away


tikarex said...

Two little Shiba

Jerry said...

Rangda!! You captured some wonderful moments of the two shibas..Sinjin and Sienna....loved all the pictures....especially of Sienna drinking from the faucet and Sienna checking out Sinjin's arse..that is called checking his wallet!
Great pictures...all of them!! thanks! Palma