Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Pleasant Day

Whew, I was tired but had fun yesterday.  We went on a 45-minute trail walk early in the morning, then an hour more at dog park A.  Play time with Sienna after she got home from the vet and then we went to dog park B at night.  Even though it was Sienna's 'birthday' she did not come with us to the dog park.  Vet suggested to wait 2 more weeks.  I slept like a baby when I got home.  I  didn't even bother waking up at 3am like I always do for a bathroom break.  It was a good uninterrupted sleep.  


These 2 are my buddies---Belle and Shyla at dog park B. It was Belle's first birthday.

I  played briefly with Belle and the others.  I needed more nap time.
The Vet Tech noticed the white patch on Sienna's tail.


Anxiously waiting for the doctor, not a happy shiba




Birthday girl enjoying her birthday "gift"

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