Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Cold Water

Sienna went to the vet for her shots. She's 10.6 lbs and gained 3 lbs in two weeks.  She's a wiggler and a screamer. Mom was hugging her while the nurse took her temperature.  She normally eats anything you give her but this time, she refuse the doctor's treat. Mom distracted her while the doc gave her the needle.  Mom said how I was well behaved at the vet's office at Sienna's age.  Mind you, I don't like the vet's office either and I always try to escape.  I get anxious just waiting for them in the car.  Then we took Sienna back home she she can rest while Mom and I went for a walk.  A couple of days later, I got all muddy again at the dog park.  Thank goodness Mom doesn't hose me off like other humans do with their dogs.  She waits to give me a wipe down and wash my paws with warm water at home.  Dad hosed me off one time and Mom got all upset cos the water was too cold. I certainly hated it but then, I don't like bathing.  




Met Sam on my walk



Walker and Oscar at dog park A

Showing my fangs to Chloe

Mom got me a kitty to play with. ;-)




Showing Sienna how to dig




Waiting for Mom to kick the ball at dog park B

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ra husky said...

great pics mate! love the bitey face one especially!