Friday, January 21, 2011

Why I oughta

Bark, bark, and bark.  I'm doing my duty.  There are some workers at home securing the perimeters of our backyard and doing some other stuff.  I kept barking at one particular guy.  Mom told me that he was a nice guy but there's something about him that makes me uneasy. She made me smell him to no avail.  Mom thought it was the working jumpsuit he was wearing.  He took it off and I still kept barking at him even though I've seen him 3 times.  Mom is baffled by my reaction to this particular guy.  The good thing is, now I can play outside without my leash---free at last!  

It was a cold day and I decided to nap on top of the heater vent.

Oscar and Sasha

Mini-aussie Oscar and I had the best time playing.

Teeny Sita and Chewy were there too. They were mostly chasing squirrels.

This past Wednesday, Mom had to move the car and went around the block. As she was parking in front of our house, she saw me at the corner of our street.  She didn't even turn the car engine off as she called my name and motioned me to get into the car.  She deducted that one of the workers forgot to shut the gate behind him.  Mom saw him calling after me as well.  I followed Mom to the car but decided to go across the street where Buddy lives.  That's when Mom caught me as I stood by Buddy's front door waiting to be let in.  She carried me home and then turned off the car engine.  I was out for a good 5 minutes.  It was fun. =)  We have only been walking a couple of times in our neighborhood.  Mom is still pining over our old hood.  Anyhow, she discovered yesterday that there were 2 parks nearby.  She doesn't care for the small park, too many kids there.  To get to the bigger park, one has to pass by a cemetery.  I tried to go inside by pulling her but she won't budge.  She says there's a No Dogs Allowed sign.  She just let me sniff around and I respected the place by not marking it.  


I found a goody at the park and to my surprise, Mom did not take it away.



On our way home, I met  5 dogs in their respective yards.  Of course I wanted to play with them. 



Anonymous said...

Sinjin, looks like you are enjoying your new neighborhood. Love seeing your playtime at the dog park. Am so excited for you when your sister gets there.

Willie's Mom said...

Hey Sinjin, it waz nice to meet you today at the park. Too bad you and Willie(was at the small dog area) did not get to meet but I did enjoyed watching you play from across the fence. ;)Love your blog.

tikarex said... were really upset with the workman..barking at him so!! I was shocked to hear you got to know about it after the fact..

Jerry said...

Hi Sinjin,
You look like you are having so much fun at the dog parks! Best of all to find a goodie and mom let you keep it!

Sienna will be home soon..then you can teach her how to have fun!!Poor mom!