Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Comfort and Joy

Meeting Shadow for the first time on Christmas Day.  She's my human cousin's dog.

Enjoying Shadow's toy

She's teenie and a cutie.


I am finally settling down in our new home.  There are tons of things to do for the humans but as for me, I'm good to go.  All is well in my world.  I've already marked my territories outside.  I've told the dog next door and Buddy across from me to stay off them.  My guess is that they can't be bother because I never see them take a walk around the neighborhood.  They prefer the lap of their humans.  I already know where we live.  Yup, I got away from Dad again on a rainy night.  He was too slow and I wanted to get cozy at home and get away from the rain.  After I did my business I just wanted to be indoors. I must have waited 5 minutes by the driveway  for Dad to open the gate.  He scolded me again for running away from him.  I just gave him my sly shiba grin.  Mom tried to towel dry me but I kept avoiding her.  I can clean myself thank you very much.  


Our neighbor's xmas decor before they take it down.
Taking a break from unpacking

Almost a week ago, we went to Mom's favorite park for dogs and humans.  I had the best time ever.  It was muddy but that's the best part---a small price to pay to run free, play with other dogs, and have a good time. 


Got to graze and drink puddle water without Mom having a cow! 


And guess what?  I ran into Bowdu and Bowpi briefly as we were leaving.  I met them several months ago at another dog park. 



tikarex said...

Life is great isn't it Sinjin?!!

shibasenji said...

Ha! I love the picture where Sinjin looks like he's about to bite the tongue off that Pittie (?) mix.

Sinjin is just Mr. Popular about town, isn't he? =)

So strange to see Bowdu and Bowpi make a "cameo" appearance here. I love it!