Tuesday, January 11, 2011

We would stay

 For us Californians, 40 degrees farenheit is very cold.  Mom was freezing her sheebs off!  She kept bitchin' to the other moms that she should have worn a parka with a hat and gloves.  God bless her for sticking it out for 90 minutes so I can have fun with the boys.  Good thing she was wearing her boots because it was muddy.

Lassen got a haircut



At another dog park, I was playing with Koa but an interloper kept interrupting our play.  I got knocked down a couple of times but I was still having fun.  Then Dad came over to give us timeout when Friday got into the mix.  Mom told him to interrupt our play since it was starting to look too rough.  There were 2 Kai Kens at the park and Friday wanted to hump one of them.  The owner of the Kai Kens yelled at Mom and Dad to leash Friday thinking that Friday was theirs.  She warned that her Kai Ken could be aggressive.  Instead of leashing her own dog, she got hold of Friday's collar and held him.  That's when Friday's owner realized what was happening and said, "Let him go."  They left the park much too early to avoid confrontation.  


Friday and Koa


No one messes with Sadie. :)

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tikarex said...

Poor Sinjin..those guys were playing pretty rough..and you got knocked to the ground...wow!! I just bet ya nobody messes with Sadie..lol...