Friday, January 7, 2011

Say hello to my little fwends

I was at a small dog park about a week ago.  I sure miss the barking.  hahaha...  Not!  I did have fun with my new little fwends.  Then when I saw Lily, I went to the big dog area.  



This little guy didn't have a name yet but since his pack were all rock stars, his owner thought Bowie would be a good name. We had a good time chasing one another.

Ozzie and Iggy Pop


Different day, different dog park, different playmates.  Life is good.                                                                                    

Visiting with Bebe and trying to nab her treat

I got hold of Mommy's reading glasses but she caught me before I could chew it to bits. (^_^)

I was deliriously happy after my Shiba 500 stint .  Dad and I were playing in the back and I got all riled up.

Saw this dog swimming, impressive. 


tikarex said... have the sweetest face...I love looking at your pictures and videos!! You always have so much fun and are such a happy dog!!

Anonymous said...

Love the smile on your last picture. Such a happy boy!

Jerry said...

Sinjin you are a lucky dog! Looks like you are making many new friends and having a good time doing it.Love your, and eyes...
Love your new blog site, too!!
Soon your baby sister will be here....

Sinjin said...

It's on the 29th. Clapping my paws. (^_^)