Saturday, January 29, 2011

Sienna Yasu

They gave her a 2nd name officially. Apparently, I have one too albeit not on record. I just want to play with her and squeeze her and give her my ninja back move but it's too soon.  I like her but then I don't like her.  The jury is still out.  :) Ok, I admit it. I'm a little jealous.  After we picked Sienna up, we went to a nearby dog park for me.  I needed to stretch my legs from the long ride.  Mom passed Sienna to Dad while she takes me to the park.  Lo and behold, Mom screams, "a shiba".    A shiba was about to go inside the park with her people.  Her name is Joji and she's 5.  Mom let me inside the park and I went wild and rolled around the grass.  She went back to Sienna while Dad went inside the dog park.  Mom carried Sienna and introduced her to Joji's people.  Sienna wasn't allowed to walk around the park.  I bolted again as we were leaving the park.  I got as far as the baseball park.  The people tried to help my Dad.  Mom was carrying Sienna and I heard her call my name.  That's when I went back to the parking lot and they all went inside the dog park again.  I followed them but before that, I almost gave  Mom a heart attack when I got too close to the fence next to the highway.  


I hope to meet Joji again at the picnic.








Watching Big Brother sleep


ABronte said...

OMG, she is too cute! Bad boy Sinjin, stop bolting. lol Welcome home Sienna Yasu, you are just so precious.

tikarex said...

Hello are adorable and so lucky to have a wonderful new brother Sinjin and two great parents who will give you lots of love and excellent care!!