Sunday, July 10, 2011

Zoom For A Minute

Dad's friend forgot to close the gate behind him and zoom I went!  It was dark so I didn't go too far.  I just went next door to look for my nemesis, a black and white cat who always taunt me by sometimes sitting on top of our car.  Dad called for me and his  friend told me to climb inside his car in the pretense of going to the park but I knew better.  So Dad just left the gate opened because he knew I would come back eventually.  This did not sit well with Mom so she dropped whatever she was doing, comes out the front yard, and calls for me.  I ran back to the yard and she thanked me for coming back by giving me a piece of raw steak.

Naughty Boy




1 comment:

Sasha1 said...

LOL..what a picture..did someone tickle your funnybone Sinjin?
Love the one of you and Sienna looking at the camera also-just beautiful!!