Monday, July 4, 2011


Sunday was another hot day (101 F) but I had the best time.  We had people over, some of them I haven't met.  We got to eat hot dogs and burgers.  I've never had a hot dog before.  There is something to be said about human food, that is, processed food, they are so tasty.  Mom said I could have one but I managed to get a few more pieces from Dad and other guests.  I like hot dogs! It's the greatest invention ever.  It's better than cheese.   While I was busy socializing with our guests and showing them our yard, Sienna was mostly indoors enjoying the ac.  She can't take too much heat.  She would come out once in awhile but only to be admired and would quickly go back inside the house.  She didn't want to play either even though I invited her a few times.   When everyone finished eating and were just talking, I went inside and flopped down by the kitchen tile floor to cool down.  After 5 minutes or so, I went back outside, peeked through the fence & barked at our neighbor a few times till I finally settled down under a shaded area at the foot of one of our guests.  It seems like forever listening to the humans in the background, feeling the soft breeze as my eyes starts to droop lulling me to sleep.  Time stood still.  It was a perfect day. 

Sienna and I at the park the day before the party.


Mom forgot our ball, a branch will do.

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